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Edit on January 25th: I’ve actually replied to some of the comments that have been made.  I mean, this is a character discussion, and there has been some points about the characters that I’ve never really thought about before shame on you Picup, how long have you been in this series for?   If you didn’t get a reply to your comment, I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of really a decent reply.  But thank you to everyone who has commented so far!


Taken from tweets made on Saturday:

“PicaPicup: After a nice back and forth tweeting with @kusion I’ve been thinking of doing an open imas character discussion post in my blog…”

So, here we are, at my blog, starting up an open character discussion.  Some opening lines/kinda rules to this:

Anyone can post and talk about who they like and dislike, but everyone has to respect each others opinion.  It’s okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to throw profanity around or hate someone for not liking their character or not going along and etc.

Alright, let’s do this.

those who actually read my video watching, it’ll come sometime soon, i have a lot of weeks to catch up on so it’ll take a while to write…



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P: よし イエスッ!
P: この曲はイケるぞっ!
H: わぁ! キモいテンションですね プロデューサーさん!
P: ちがうコレAKB!!!

Note: This really isn’t an accurate translation, but it’s the jest of what I got from reading it… Feel free to edit, I learn if you do!






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